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Victorian Postcard Bathing Beauty

I collect antique vintage postcards, especially Victorian Christmas, Easter, and Halloween postcards. And, once upon a time, I provided a free e-card service where folks could send virtual cards from my collection.

Miss Mary's Vintage & Victorian Archive was launched as Miss Mary's Emporium of the Quaint & Curious in 1997. A long time for a website to be online, and times do change. I no longer offer an online e-card service, but I still collect vintage and Victorian postcards, and ephemera, antique books and photographs as well. You'll find lots of free vintage images and interesting stories and articles from my collection on this site. Visit the home page or check out the site map to help you navigate this jumbled pile of digital bric-a-brac.

About My Vintage Postcard Collection

Deltiologists, as postcard collectors are called, collect for a variety of reasons. Some are attracted to the postcards themselves and then narrow down their interests. Others are interested in something in particular, such as Halloween, and then decide to collect Halloween related postcards as a way to augment their interest in that holiday.

My eclectic antique postcard collection took seed with the gift of a treasure box that had once belonged to my great aunt Emma.

The battered old tin box carefully preserved a cache of whimsical Victorian era postcards in a variety of subjects. Colorful advertising postcards and vintage Halloween postcards, still retaining their chromolithographic brilliance after so many years!

My favorites are the full color postcards for Easter. Where else but on one of these funny postcards will you see rabbits driving cars or teaching chicks how to paint Easter eggs?

Even though I never met my great aunt in person, her treasure box has greatly influenced my life. The beauty of those art postcards inspired me to pursue a career in the graphic arts and fostered a life-long passion for vintage images.