5 questions to ask yourself before updating your bra wardrobe

19 Nov 2021 12:00 AM
Annica Svensson

Building the perfect functional underwear wardrobe doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Here’s how to get the ultimate wardrobe the smart way, and the questions to ask yourself before you buy your next bra.

How many garments do you actually have in your underwear drawer, and of those, how many do you really use? Perhaps you’re one of those women who has two or three favourite bras that you cycle between while the rest lie unused and unloved. The only time you end up using them is when your favourites are in the wash. Maybe you keep buying new garments but soon discover that they don’t feel right to you.

1 – What will your underwear ultimately cost?

A good underwear wardrobe is based on quality over quantity. It doesn’t need to include 20 different bras and 50 different pairs of panties. Carefully thought-out purchases always pay off in the end. Think long term. A high-quality bra will last you several years if you take care of it properly.

If you take care of your underwear and wash them in a washing bag, you’ll be able to enjoy them for a long time.

‘Fast Fashion’ garments quickly wear out and lose their shape, and you’ll need to replace them with a new purchase pretty soon. After a few years you’ll have spent significantly more money on your wardrobe than if you’d invested in a couple of quality bras from the start.

Is your underwear drawer full of garments you love wearing, or is it full of unloved bras that just take up space?

2 – What are you really paying for?

Even when buying quality, it’s important to make smart purchases. In addition to good manufacturing conditions, quality means using materials that can withstand many washes without losing their shape, materials that don’t bur and well-sewn garments that don’t come undone at the seams or end up with the underwire creeping out. Quality lasts over time and means you won’t end up with a bra that looks completely different after a year. However, don’t be fooled by expensive poor-quality garments. They’re more common than you’d think. Make sure you’re paying for quality and not a brand name.

3 – What type of underwear do you prefer?

Think about your preferences and which bra you instinctively reach for in the morning. Underwired or non-wired, T-shirt or lace? Only buy bras that you like wearing. Don’t buy them just because they’re pretty or you like the colour. Think about how it feels to wear and if you’ll be comfortable in it.

Which bra do you instinctively reach for from your wardrobe in the morning?

There are endless articles written on which bras should be obvious inclusions in every woman’s wardrobe. We also write those types of articles here on the blog, but keep in mind that these are just recommendations and inspiration. General advice won’t apply to every woman.

If you never do sports, you obviously won’t have any need for a sports bra, irrespective of what everyone else says. The same goes for a sexy little black push-up bra; if it’s not something you feel comfortable wearing, give it a miss. On the other hand, if that’s all you ever wear then fill your drawer with them. If everyone says that a beige T-shirt bra is the smartest choice but you think they’re boring and ordinary, invest in a colourful bra with embroidery if you prefer.

The most important thing is to listen to yourself and adapt your wardrobe to your lifestyle. Be clear on the type of underwear you like to wear and invest in that.

Underwear is about self-confidence and being comfortable with who you are no matter your size. In the picture, Alexandra is wearing the Flora bra.

4 – What does the rest of your wardrobe look like?

Underwear and other clothes are closely linked and affect each other. The right underwear will make your clothes fit more elegantly and elevate any outfit. Wearing the wrong type of underwear can result in your clothes not fitting as well. A beautiful dress will never fit right if your bra doesn’t provide enough lift and support.

What type of clothes do you usually wear? Thin blouses, tight tops or thick loose-fitting knits? Do you mind if your bra is noticeable through your clothes or does it make no difference to you? If you want to avoid your bra being visible, choose a T-shirt bra with seamless cups. If you’re wearing a normal-weight garment, a bra with cup seams usually won’t be visible underneath, but under thin tops and blouses a moulded T-shirt bra is preferable. T-shirt bras are available with and without padding.

If you’re wearing a garment with a U-shaped back, you can choose a bra with an extra low-cut back. Our bra Exhale (see above) was created with this in mind.

If it bothers that your shoulder straps are visible under a wrestler back, choose shoulder straps that can be crossed at the back.

If you want to reduce the ‘muffin effect’ that occurs on the back when wearing a bra, choose a body or a bra with an extra wide band that has a smoothing effect, for example Cotton Simplex (see below).

Pictured is Armanda in Cotton Simplex, which is extra wide around the body for a smoothing effect on the back.

Shirts don’t account for whether you have a large or small bust.

Adapt your underwear wardrobe to suit the types of clothes you like to wear. In the picture, Alexandra is wearing the Lovely Jacquard bra.

Shirts are most commonly made according to normal clothing sizes and don’t account for whether you have a large bust or not. If you experience gaps forming between the buttons when you fasten your shirt, a minimizer bra can often solve the problem. It has slightly shallower cups that spread the bust over a larger area so it protrudes less. It simply means that your bust feels slightly smaller.

Another thing to consider is that many bras shape the bust differently. Some women prefer a round shape, while others want a more pointed shape. It’s when you put a top over your bra that it first becomes obvious how it shapes the bust. You don’t always think about it when you’re standing wearing the bra in the changing room. A more pointed cup, for example, will mean that the bust protrudes more.

Cotton underwear is perfect for warm days. Cotton is hard wearing and will last many washes.

If you prefer clothes made from natural materials like cotton, flax, wool or bamboo, you should also choose a bra made from a natural material. Cotton is an excellent choice for underwear. Perfect for warm days.

The disadvantage with cotton is that it doesn’t work well for moulded cups liked those on T-shirt bras. If you’re wearing thin clothes and it’s warm outside, choose a T-shirt bra in a breathable material, for example Keep Fresh.

The STAY FRESH bra is perfect under thin clothes even during the summer. The technical fabric Keep Fresh that’s used in the cups provides an airy and cool feel by letting the skin breathe.

5 – Are you wearing the right size?

Did you know that your bra size changes many times during your adult life? Pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight fluctuations and menopause all affect the bust. Even if the scales still show the same number, the distribution of your weight and your curves will change. It’s not the case that only one bra size fits and all the others don’t. Often a handful of different sizes will fit someone well. Many bra specialists in shops will claim that there’s one specific size that fits perfectly. The bra band is always elastic in the back to prevent it feeling like a corset. If the cups are elastic, they’ll provide more sizing flexibility than stiff or padded cups for example.

A favourite bra should make you just as happy as McCallah is in this picture when she’s wearing Rose.

When it comes to finding the size and fit that are right for you, you can rely a lot on sense and feel. Start by looking at our sizing table to find your size. The size you get will often work, but see it as a guide first and foremost. Go by how the bra feels to wear and adjust the size from there.

Is your bra cutting in and leaving marks on your body? Time to change size. Are the shoulder straps sliding down? Change model. Creases in the cups? The cups are too big. Another sign that you’re wearing too large a cup size is if you can see the inside of the cups when you bend forwards.

On the other hand, if the underwire is pinching your breast tissue or a double breast forms above the edge of the cups (this is clearly visible if you’re wearing a tight top) you need a larger cup size. Is your bust coming out of the cups when you raise your arms? Then you need a smaller band size. Here you’ll find lots of tips for how to tell if you’ve got the right fit or no.

A body provides a secure snug feeling and has a smoothing effect on the back. In the picture McCallah is wearing Fantastic Flair.

Remember that underwear is about self-confidence and feeling comfortable. It should never feel uncomfortable. Perhaps no one can see what you’re wearing under your clothes, but when you feel comfortable others notice. Life’s too short for uncomfortable underwear.

If you’re unsure which models or size is right for you, our friendly customer service team will gladly help you out. No question is too big or too small.

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