Is it madness or genius to wash a bra 100 times?

27 Oct 2023 10:55 AM
Sara Henriksson

Is there any way to prove that our products are of as high quality as we actually say? And how can we do it in a credible way?

The idea behind the test

It is easy for companies today just to say ‘our products are of high quality.’ Anyone can say that, but what does it really mean?

At Miss Mary, we know that our products last a long time – longer than those of most other brands. We wanted to find a way to convey what we had known for a long time. How do we show the quality difference between our bras and those of other brands, how big is the difference and what guarantee can we give?

‘Washing our products 100 times and then presenting the results, that’s our way of showing our high quality in black and white.’

  • Elisabet Sandström, MD of Miss Mary

Conducting the test

We contacted Karin, who works at the professional laundry service Färgeriet. They started the work of washing our bras together with several from our competitors. The bras were washed and hung up to dry 3 times a day until they had all been washed at least 100 times. The test took a long time to complete since all bras were also filmed before washing and then again after 25, 50, 75 and 100 washes.

It was important that the washes were similar to the way we wash at home in a regular household appliance: 40-degree delicate washes using colour detergent, taking apart clothes that became tangled with each other, closing bras that opened up, etc. All the washes looked the same and had the same conditions.

Färgeriet often conduct washing tests for companies. They deal with everything from simulating wear and tear, testing how well impregnation lasts and how different details are affected by washing, and the accuracy of the washing instructions. The absolute biggest difference between the tests that Färgeriet had previously conducted and the assignment they received from Miss Mary was the number of washes. They had never performed a test with as many as 100 washes before. The product was also new to the laundry; they had not had the opportunity to test bras before.

‘I am very impressed by how well the bras maintained both their colour and their shape. It was particularly great to see that all the details remained so nice!’

  • Karin Arnell, Färgeriet

How did it go?

The result of the test is also no surprise to us at Miss Mary, and now we give all customers a 100-wash guarantee. We hope it will help more people understand why a Miss Mary bra costs more than a cheaper bra that breaks or needs to be replaced after some time. Our product is more economical and environmentally friendly because it lasts so long. We work according to the motto ‘the most sustainable bra will always be the one you can use for longest.’

‘I think few people will need to make use of the guarantee. But if the product should nonetheless lose function before 100 washes, we will of course reimburse the customer.’

  • Elisabet Sandström, MD of Miss Mary

How does the guarantee work?

The guarantee covers all our bras and is valid for five years from the date of purchase. The guarantee is for functionality – which means that we don’t provide a replacement for colour changes or minor cosmetic defects. The product must have been washed according to the instructions.

If you want to use the guarantee, click here to send the photos to our customer service, along with a description of the defect. If we determine that the guarantee is applicable, you will be offered a new product.

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27 Oct 2023 10:55 AM
Updated: 4 Jul 2024 6:47 AM
Sara Henriksson