Keep fresh – a material with unbeatable properties

8 Sep 2019 7:51 am
Annica Svensson

It’s doubtful whether a bra can be more comfortable and practical than Miss Mary’s bras made from the Keep Fresh material. But what is it that makes this material so unique?

The Keep Fresh material we use for many of our bras is a high-technological functional material that keeps the body fresh for a long time. Functional material may be mostly associated with sportswear or outdoor clothing, but it’s also ideal for undergarments such as bras. Some women feel they get warm with a bra, especially if they are active and move around a lot, have hot flushes or are going through the menopause. This makes Keep Fresh an excellent option. Keep Fresh not only feels comfortable but has many practical functions, such as:

• You can sweat without the material becoming or feeling damp, instead you stay dry and cool all day!

• The material has been tested for bacteria and its properties counteract bacteria reproducing to 100%.

• Body odour and other smells don’t stick to the material even if you become hot and sweaty.

• It is resistant to stains.

• The effect doesn’t go away when you wash the material but is permanent.

• It allows the skin to breathe.

Some of the bras that we use our Keep Fresh material for are shown below.

Unpadded non-wired T-shirt bra with our popular padded comfort shoulder straps. The bra also has a side wing under the arm for a smoothing effect and it protects your clothes. We have also covered the elastic under the bust. Perfect if you have extra sensitive skin and don’t want to feel the elastic directly against the skin. More info.

Unpadded T-shirt bra for a smooth, invisible seamless look under clothes. Decorative shoulder straps and lace details between the bust and on the back lift the design. Gives a nice round shape and good lift for the bust. More info.

Unpadded T-shirt bra for a smooth, invisible seamless look under clothes. Gives a nice round shape and soft lift for the bust. More info.

Thanks to the unique properties of the material, we have chosen not to line or pad our Keep Fresh products. That way you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of Keep Fresh and its effects direct against the skin, because the material is not just practical but also incredibly comfortable against the skin.

Are you unsure which bra will suit you and your needs best or which size you should wear, please contact our customer services. They are experts at helping women over the telephone, by email or chat to find the perfect bra.