Which bra personality are you?

20 Aug 2020 11:46 AM
Annica Svensson

The choice of a bra is highly personal. Do you choose the bra because you love the look of it or because it feels so comfortable? Maybe style and looks don’t matter as much, maybe you prefer one with functional features. We have listed the most common bra archetypes and picked a top bra choice for each persona. Which one are you?

The comfort lover

For the Comfort Lover it’ is all about how comfortable a bra is: soft material, wide straps, nothing squeezing pressing too tight nor poking in. For her, the perfect bra is “one so comfy you never want to take it off”. She doesn’t really know much bra terminology or the specifics of certain features;, all she knows is the feeling she gets as soon as she puts it on. And if she loves that, that one will be the her instant go-to choice. She will preferably then buys several copies of the same bra, – once she has found her favourite she sticks to it. The Comfort Lover is loyal and trustworthy:, qualities she also loves when it comes to her bras.

Our top pick for the Comfort Lover: LOVELY LACE. This is a bra she can really get behind. It has wide padded shoulder straps, soft cotton and lace, is non-wired and simply offers the highest level of comfort she has ever felt experienced in a bra. And she loves that it is available in so many colours. One for each day of the week.

The confident one

She knows that a perfectly fitted bra defines her silhouette and shape, and that it ensures that the clothes she wears will look great on her. Living up to her name she is never afraid of trying new things in life;, she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of going after it. She also knows what the right bra style can do for her posture, comfort and style. She never underestimates the effect a well-fitted bra has on her mood.

Our top pick for the Confident One: JOY
JOY looks delicate but provides excellent uplift and support as well as the perfect shape and fit. As the cups are lightly padded, she knows she won’t have to worry about her nipples showing through.

The fashionista

The Fashionista fell in love with her new favourite bra before she even tried it! It was simply love at first sight! And what a sight it was! Gorgeous lace, cute pattern or pretty colour. She loves to dress and feel beautiful. Lingerie should be fun, and she doesn’t mind showing it off. The Fashionista is outgoing, fun-loving, enjoys the finer things in life and loves to dress herself in gorgeous outfits. She knows that a great outfit is never complete without a gorgeous bra underneath.

Our top pick for Tthe Fashionista: FANTASTIC FLAIR
OK, technically it’ is not a bra per se, but rules are made to be broken. This elastic lace bodysuit is just so exquisite and gorgeous. She loves underwear that can be worn as ‘“outerwear’”. Combining this bodysuit with an elegant suit jacket is the perfect outfit for an evening out.

The sensible one

For Tthe Sensible One it’ is all about smart functionality. There’s nothing like wearing a bra that does what it should! Namely, to keeping the bust in place all day. She knows that the bra should work for her, not against her. She loves to do some research before she buys a new bra:, materials and features really matter. Being thoughtful and level-headed she always makes smart choices in her life, including when it comes to picking the right bra. She also knows her perfect size.

Our top pick for The Sensible One: STAY FRESH because it’s loaded with top features that she loves. It has functional moisture-wicking fabric, moulded seamless cups, an extra-wide supportive back, padded shoulder straps, and smart side wing design that ensures a smooth silhouette.

The quality lover

The Quality Lover appreciates top -quality, a bra that will last for seasons and won’t lose its shape, pill degrade or suffer wear and tear. Once since she tried on a true quality bra she has never looked back again. She wants her bra to look just as good years later as it did the day that she bought it and therefore doesn’t mind that it’ is more expensive than the mainstream retail brands. She enjoys all the finer things in life and knows that true quality makes a difference and lasts longer.

Our top pick for the Quality Lover: DREAMSCAPE designed by the celebrated Swedish royal couture designer Lars Wallin who has created an exquisite bra with draped sheer lace and embroidery in a layered-on-top-of-layer style. Perfect for all special occasions when you want to bring out your the most gorgeous version of yourself with quality that cannot only be felt but and certainly also noticed.

Which one are you and which is your favourite bra style? Let us know in the comments below…

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