Why do some bras have a raised bottom edge at the front?

19 Jun 2019 1:56 PM
Annica Svensson

It’s not unusual for an underwired bra to have a raised bottom edge at the front. Why is that? Is it an aesthetic choice or does it serve a function?

Raising the bottom edge at the front when designing a bra can make it more comfortable and give you better support. The raised edge makes the bra fit closer to the body, especially between the cups, than it otherwise would. This helps to separate the breasts, giving better support. This special design also means that there is less pressure on the upper part of the stomach. This is perfect when you are sitting or bending down and the stomach naturally bulges out more than when you are standing. It also reduces the risk of the bottom edge of the bra folding up uncomfortably. Depending a little on the shape of the rib cage, some women have more problems with this than others and for those tussling with the bottom edge folding or rolling up, this design is a perfect choice. A bra with a raised front usually also seems lighter and less substantial, which is another reason why many women choose this particular function.

“There are many reasons why a bra is designed with this cut”

If you have a sensitive stomach, are bothered by a bra that folds or rolls up or feel that the bra presses against the upper part of the stomach when you sit down, you may want to try a bra with a raised bottom edge next time you buy one. It’s always worth investing in comfort when it comes to undergarments.

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