Cotton bras

Bras made of cotton – the natural choice if you love comfort! Cotton is a natural, easy-care material that is soft and durable. It breathes, does not absorb smells and is excellent for sensitive skin. We have a wide range of bras with different cotton contents, so you can relax and be comfortable all day long.

We are cotton specialists
Miss Mary has been a cotton specialist for many years, and a large part of our selection consists of cotton bras. Cotton is a fantastic material and particularly well suited to underwear, but are cotton bras really better than other bras? Here we look at the advantages and disadvantages of cotton.

Good for sensitive skin
Cotton feels soft and comfortable to wear directly against the body. You practically never hear of cotton causing someone itchiness. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and is therefore a natural choice to use for garments that are worn close to the body, such as underwear.

Why are bras not made of 100% cotton?

You might have noticed that it’s hard to find a bra that’s made of 100% cotton. When determining the composition of a garment we count all the different textiles used to make it, including padding, embroidery, lace, shoulder straps, underwire, etc.

Compared to synthetic fibres, cotton is not very stretchable or elastic. That’s why pure cotton isn’t used for all the parts of a bra. On our cotton bras, the cups are usually made from 100% cotton, but the parts that require elasticity, for example the band, need to contain a certain percentage of synthetic fibres for best use.

Always high quality cotton
There are, of course, different qualities of cotton. At Miss Mary we only use high-quality materials in all our garments, including cotton. All the materials we use at Miss Mary are certified to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, a global independent test institute that ensures materials don’t contain any substances that would be harmful to wear directly against the skin. This is something we require of all our material suppliers.

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