Front closure bras

A front closure bra provides you with support and comfort that simplifies your everyday life. A front closure bra offers an easier opening and closing process because the fastening is located at the front. This feature allows you to quickly and comfortably put on and take off your bra without the need to reach behind or use complicated twisting motions. For women with reduced mobility or difficulty reaching behind their back, a front closure bra is a relief in daily life.

Our front fastening bras come in various models, ranging from beautiful lace details to bold jacquard patterns. Fit becomes especially important with a front closure bra, as it doesn't have the hooks and eyes at the back like a traditional back-fastening bra. Therefore, be extra careful when taking your measurements to ensure that the bra you receive fits comfortably. For added comfort in our bras, we also gladly add wide padded shoulder straps. It's a lovely feature that relieves the shoulders and prevents chafing and discomfort.

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