Find your new favorite bra that you truly feel comfortable in. We understand that all bodies are unique, and therefore offer a wide range of bra styles, including t-shirt bras, non-wired bras, sports bras, and much more. A bra should always make your everyday life easier, therefore we always design with women's daily comfort in mind. Our size range goes from petite to plus-size bras, and our goal is for every woman to find the perfect bra that provides a customized fit based on her needs and preferences.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size? As a result, many women walk around daily with back pain, bra straps that chafe or slip down, and bras that ride up – when they don’t have to!

At Miss Mary, we have a long history of designing bras that actually solve these problems. Over our many years in the industry, we have developed innovative features and solutions, where our goal has always been to deliver the perfect bra to each unique woman. We understand the importance of a bra with a wide back for increased support and comfort, and why our bras with padded shoulder straps alleviate the burden of chafing and discomfort for thousands of women worldwide. Our bras are designed to address women's daily problems and discomfort that can arise from an ill-fitting bra, but how do you know if a bra fits as it should? If you feel unsure or want personal advice on which bra suits you best, you can always reach out to our bra experts at our customer service. They are always available for advice on which bra model that suits your specific needs. You can also use our bra size guide if you are unsure about the size you should have. You can find it here.

Let yourself be inspired by our bras with world-class quality and fit.