10 bras, 10 styles – which is your favourite?

25 Mar 2022 8:02 AM
Annica Svensson

Sometimes you feel like getting dressed up, other times you just want to lie on the sofa and relax. Whether you’re wearing your best dress or your comfiest loungewear, there’s a bra for all styles. Here are 10 different types of bra – which best matches your style?

The sporty style

Whether we’re going to exercise or not, many of us like a sporty look to our clothes and underwear. We’ll gladly choose a bra with mesh detailing and nice wide shoulder straps – classic hallmarks of a sporty style. It’s a bonus if it’s also made from breathable technical fabrics that don’t get damp even if you’re hot. Our EXHALE bra is the perfect hybrid, just as well suited to jogging as it is to lounging on the sofa.

The smooth style

Moulded bras have no seams on the cups – they’re made entirely from one piece, giving a smooth appearance that is discreet and practical under clothing. It’s not always easy to find unpadded and non-wired moulded bras that provide good support, but SMOOTHLY is our hottest tip.

The stylistically pure style

A bra doesn’t have to be moulded to be stylistically pure. Many people love bras in a uniform colour and without lots of lace and embroidery. Good basic bras – plain and simple. HAPPY DAYS, available with and without an underwire, has a typical no-frills Scandinavian design and provides both an elegant shape and good support.

The romantic style

Some people find a plain moulded bra ordinary and boring. Design-wise, there’s not much going on. No, let’s have some lace, embroidery, patterned fabrics and colour! Our pick is the delightful lace bra ROSE, with romantic floral embroidery on the upper cup. It provides fantastic lift and features neat front-adjustable shoulder straps.

The cotton style

Of all underwear materials, cotton is the most classic. There are many benefits of cotton – it’s durable, comfortable, easy to care for, cool and timeless. As cotton specialists, we’re naturally more than partial to this versatile material. The pretty non-wired BRODERIE ANGLAISE and underwired COTTON COMFORT are our current favourite cotton options.

The luxurious style

Everyday bras are great, but sometimes you just want a little luxury to make you elegant from the inside out. If you’re getting dressed up for a party or wedding, don’t forget to start with your underwear. We promise you’ll notice the difference! FLORAL SUN is our best-selling occasion bra. A beautiful, layered model with draped tulle and embroidery that has a slightly deeper neckline than normal but still provides great support and lift.

The relaxed style

Some days we get dressed up, and some we spend on the sofa watching Netflix – that’s when it feels great to be wearing a real comfort bra. A bra that’s so comfortable you don’t feel it. You might even find yourself wearing it to bed because it’s just as comfortable to sleep in. COTTON FRESH is exactly that kind of bra and our top tip for a relaxed style.

The delicate style

Some women prefer a more delicate style of bra, for example one with narrower shoulder straps, transparent lace, a lower-cut cup and other features that make it look less ‘bulky’. A more delicate bra does not have to be less supportive (at least not for us at Miss Mary), for example if it has an underwire or is made from sturdier materials. FLAMES is fully lined with lace on both the front and the back. It also has smart non-slip shoulder straps and an extra elegant back. Stylish in 360 degrees.

The covering style

A more covering bra with high-cut full cups and a wide back that captures the entire bust for a more comfortable and supportive fit. If you have a slightly larger bust, it can be a nice feeling to have a bra that embraces you securely. In our range, there’s probably no more covering bra than the fresh and sporty COTTON SIMPLEX, with an extra wide back, an extra wide band under the bust, extra wide shoulder straps and an extra high décolletage. Yes, it’s simply a little extra of everything. And it’s extra comfy too.

The practical style

For some women, practicality is the most important thing when choosing a bra and style comes second. But we think a practical bra can be packed with smart features while still being stylish. STAY FRESH is a stylish, modern and functional bra made from a breathable technical fabric that keeps you cool. The clever side wings protect your clothing and makes the bra even more comfortable, especially if you get a slight muffin effect or have loose skin around the armpit.

Which is your favourite? If you’re struggling to decide which model best suits your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and our friendly customer advisors will help you find the perfect bra.

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