What should a really good activity bra be like?

24 Jul 2019 7:47 AM
Annica Svensson

An ordinary bra provides support for the bust, but different models do so to different degrees. For an active life it can therefore be good to also have an activity bra. But what is the difference between an activity bra and a sports bra and what should you think about when you’re looking for the perfect activity bra?

When it comes to bras, you can’t say that one model fits all. We all look different and we also place different demands on our bras depending on lifestyle, but in general we recommend almost everyone to have an activity bra in the wardrobe. You’ll get more use out of it than you may think.

No yoga session without my Smoothly bra! This activity bra is made of elastic material, making it perfect for activities when you need to really stretch. A folded band under the bust makes it extra comfortable for women with sensitive skin.

What is the difference between an activity bra and a sports bra?

An activity bra is a lighter form of a sports bra. Sports bras are designed for low-, medium- or high-intensity training and have different bounce control, i.e. the ability to stop the bust from ‘bouncing’ up and down when moving. A sports bra for high-intensity training with maximum bounce control is good for, for example, running or cardio training. If you don’t usually do this kind of training, then an activity bra is a more suitable choice.

An activity bra is excellent for all forms of exercise, such as yoga, Pilates, weight training, spinning, cycling, walks and other forms of activities in which you don’t jump up and down. A typical activity bra often has unpadded cups. It is made of a lighter material than a sports bra that is used for high-intensity training. This means that an activity bra is perfect for training that requires flexibility and when you need to be able to stretch fully in your movements. It’s also ideal to use at work if you have jobs that involve lifting or carrying things or, for example, in the garden raking leaves.

An extra wide band under the bust, a wide back, cups that separate the bust for individual support made of thick, firm material with a soft inside make Cotton Simplex an excellent activity bra.

What should I consider when buying an activity bra?

The look of an activity bra can vary a lot, but when you choose a model, the following properties are worth considering.

• It should be made in a material that is suitable for sweating and doesn’t bind moisture. Avoid bras with a high percentage of cotton. Cotton lets the skin breathe but binds moisture, so a bra that contains 80% cotton is not particularly suitable for activities that make you sweat.

• The material should breathe. The more padded the cup, the less it breathes (unless it is made of a special type of material such as spacer).

• If the bra has separate cups it provides better support for a big bust than a compression bra (which looks like a short camisole) that works mainly by pressing the breasts in towards the body.

• Adjustable shoulder straps to easily adjust the bra to your body. Women have their breasts at different heights and surprisingly many activity bras on the market lack adjustable shoulder straps.

• Wide, padded shoulder straps that relieve and prevent rubbing.

• A wide band under the bust provides better support.

• Firm and wide back and sides that provide good support.

• The bra should provide support without being too tight. Many believe that an activity bra should fit very tightly and press the bust in towards the body, but it should never fit so tightly as to be uncomfortable. If you have marks on the body when you take off your bra it is definitely too small.

If you are unsure what suits you, contact our customer services who will be happy to help you find what’s right for your size, needs and life style.

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