Should I choose a moulded cup or one with seams?

2 Sep 2022 10:05 AM
Annica Svensson

The choice of a moulded cup or one with seams is more than just a question of preference and taste. Both variants have a place in a woman’s bra wardrobe, but they also have different properties that make them particularly suited to different occasions and body types. We will go through the advantages and disadvantages of both.

“Why do you even have seams on a cup?” I recently heard a woman ask. In her wardrobe, there were only moulded cups, and she preferred them as they provided a “smooth and modern look”. She had quite a full, heavy bust and had looked for a bra that fitted really, really well, just the way you want it to, for a long time. I suggested that maybe she ought to give a bra with cup seams a chance as it would be optimal for her type of breasts. The choice between seams and seamless is about more than just aesthetics and that is exactly what we are going to clarify below.

When should you choose moulded?

Moulded bras are a big favourite among women who want a smooth round bust shape but also among those with very sensitive skin and nipples who don’t want to risk irritation from the seams.

The lack of seams makes the cup very discreet under tight clothes, especially if it is of a single colour that does not contrast strongly with the skin.

A bra with a moulded cup has no seams on the cup. Here is an unpadded cup in Keep Fresh material.

A moulded T-shirt bra is a good basic garment, as it usually has a stylish look without any embellishments. But for women who love lace and beautiful details, there are many models of bras on the market today with fully padded moulded cups clad with exquisite delicate lace and embroidery. In this case, the basic idea of a smooth seamless look may be lost, but the purpose of these bras is that the moulded cup shapes the bust into a perfectly round shape.

“A moulded cup is perfect under thin garments”

For women with different size breasts, padded moulded cups are particularly good as the cup already has its predetermined rounded shape that defines the silhouette of the bust and effectively hides that one breast may not fill the cup completely.

If you have a very large cup size or pointed breasts it can often be difficult to find a moulded bra that is available in very large cup sizes. A cup with seams is then the optimum choice.

When should you choose seams?

A cup with seams provides optimal fit and support for all sizes of breasts but particularly for big busts. Thanks to the seams, the cup can be constructed to make it extra deep, which is perfect for very large cup sizes. On a bra with the deep cups, the middle fits tightly against the body between the breasts providing better support for the bust. Moulded cups are difficult to make in sizes larger than an H cup without risking them becoming too shallow or wide. This is due to the physical limitations of shaping one piece of material. If you have a large cup size, cups with seams are therefore recommended as they provide optimal support.

A cup with a three-section tulip cut gives a round silhouette and excellent support.

Seams don’t only dictate the shape but also give the material extra strength as it doesn’t have to be stretched or forced into a particular shape. As the cup is constructed from several separate pieces, materials with different properties can be combined, for example a firm under cup and an elastic upper cup. The firm material lifts and provides support while the elastic material takes the shape of the bust and provides comfort and an adjusted fit – perfect if, for example, your breasts are not completely full or firm at the top.

“Seams are optimal for full busts”

The advantage of seams is that they provide flexibility when you design bra models and can be adapted to any bust shape at all. Whether you have a big or small, pointer or round bust, seams can solve everything. There is greater variation in the look and design of bras with seams than of moulded bras.

A cup with seams can combine several different types of material in one cup for a sheer and elegant look.


But whichever you prefer, seams or seamless, there is a wide range on the market today and there is something for all tastes and shapes of breasts. And I warmly recommend that you have both models in your wardrobe. So finally, what happened to the woman who didn’t like seams? Well, she gave the bra with three-section cups a chance and was completely sold on the support it gave her bust. So, after 20 years of only using moulded bras, she now has a new favourite and she is definitely going to start including more variants of bras in her wardrobe in the future. And that is the great thing about bras, there are just so many different variants, all with their own purpose and unique properties, that is would be a pity to just stick with one single type.

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