Shapewear is underwear with a smoothing effect and provides extra support where it is needed most. In our range of shapewear, you will find a wide variety of models and materials, such as bodysuits, camisoles, and high-waisted panties.

Shapewear is typically made of elastic materials that provide a sort of compression in a comfortable way. Therefore, it is not uncomfortable to wear shaping garments under tight clothing on occasions when you want a little extra confidence in your outfit. In the past, shapewear was associated with something uncomfortable and less elegant underwear. However, today there are comfortable garments that also have details such as lace and beautiful patterns. We believe that with the right shapewear, you can feel both elegant and comfortable.

Shapewear comes in various designs, ranging from simple panties to more covering bodysuits. They target different areas such as the stomach, waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks. So, depending on whether you're wearing a dress, shirt, or pants, you can choose a shaping garment that provides support to the right part of the body.

Shaping panties for a nice silhouette

One of the classic shapewear items is shaping panties. They are designed to sculpt and smooth out the contours of the waist and provide so-called "tummy control." In our selection, you will find several different models of shaping panties. For example, models with long legs that extend down a bit on the leg, or panties with a high waistband and decorative lace at the bottom for a feminine feel.

You can also find shaping panties that are more similar to the classic panty style but still provide shaping function over the stomach.

Find the right size for your shapewear

Shapewear can be a useful tool for creating a flattering figure without resorting to extreme measures. However, it is important and crucial to choose the right size and fit to achieve the desired effect and avoid discomfort. By measuring your waist and hips with a tape measure, you can then see in our size guide which size fits you best.

If you have any questions about which size to choose, we are here for you. Our customer service is happy to help you find the right model and size for you.