Welcome to a completely new world of bras

19 Sep 2018 8:44 AM
Annica Svensson

Today we are opening the doors to our new blog, where we want to take you on an exciting journey into the fascinating world of undergarments. We share insider tips and tricks that will make you look at bras in a completely different way.

The bra is the garment you wear closest to your heart every day. It gives lift, support and comfort. And there are hundreds of variants and sizes, so it’s not surprising that it can sometimes seem confusing and a bit like a jungle. The result is that most women today wear uncomfortable and ill-fitting bras. We want to cure this.

That’s why we are opening our doors for the first time to the inner heart of our world – to all the knowledge we have collected during 60 years of making bras. Meet the people behind your Miss Mary product. We share trade secrets on the art of creating bras and the art of finding a bra that meets your unique requirements. Get tips and advice on how to avoid shoulder straps that slide down or how, just by looking at the seams, you know immediately what shape your bust will take in it (without even trying the bra!).

”Never again will you think bras are difficult.”

Look out for competitions with great prices too. What would you like us to write about in the blog? Is there anything you have always wondered about when it comes to bras? Then write down your questions in the comments field below.

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