Why we love side support on our bras

20 Jul 2021 12:44 PM
Annica Svensson

Of all the different types of bras on the market today, those with side support are perhaps not the best known. Nevertheless, we think they ought to be in every woman’s wardrobe. Here’s why we love side support so much.

Perhaps you’ve seen the term ‘side support’ in our product descriptions and wondered what it is. At Miss Mary we have many different types of bras, but one of our most popular is with side support. If you’re familiar with any of the following, a bra with side support could be perfect for you:

• Your breasts slide out towards your armpits when you lie down.
• You wish your bust looked less ‘wide’ from the front.
• You want to ‘fill out’ the bust when you see it in profile.
• You need good lift.
• You have a deep or large bust.
• Your breasts point east and west and you want to centre them.
• You need extra support but don’t want padding that covers the entire cup.
• You want to centre your bust for a nicer ‘cleavage’.

Side support is extra reinforcement on the outside of the cups that is attached to the shoulder straps and helps to lift, shape and support the bust.

What is side support?

Side support is extra reinforcement, about 2 fingers wide, along the outside of the cup to where it meets the shoulder strap. It’s available on bras with and without underwire, but it’s most commonly found on bras with cups with multiple panels, i.e. not T-shirt bras. Side support provides shape, lift and support. Here’s how it works.

The best-selling Lovely Lace bra without underwire has side support in the cups. It is also available in an underwired version, which of course also has side support.

The benefits of side support

Side support provides extra stability to the cups and shapes the bust. The more seams a cup has, the more you can influence its shape when creating it.

Side support pushes the bust forwards, in other words away from the armpits. Usually this is referred to as the bra centring the bust. Even when lying down, it’s noticeable that the bust does not move out to the sides. This can make quite a big difference if you have a very large bust as you can move your arms without it being in the way as much.

Side support is perfect for those with a larger bust. Pictured is the Flora bra with underwire.

If you have different size breasts or your breasts tend to change size during the month, an elastic cup is ideal, but the downside is that it can sometimes stretch too much. In this case side support is the perfect solution. Since the side support is stiff and attached to the shoulder straps, it prevents the cups from losing their shape. It’s perfect when you need extra lift and support but prefer an unpadded cup.

With so many advantages, it’s no wonder we have side support on so many models. A small extra padded panel in the cup makes a big difference. If you still haven’t tried side support, we highly recommend it. If you’re curious but unsure of your size, contact our customer service and they’ll help you. We can be found through whichever channels you use, by telephone, email, chat and social media.

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