At Miss Mary you can shop for comfortable panties and girdles in classic styles. With a fit that lives up to its promise, they provide you with wonderful comfort all day long. Choose from classic underwear materials with lace, natural fibers and flexible materials that are so comfortable they feel like a second skin.

Panties that chafe, ride up, and dig in the wrong places. We've all experienced it at some point, and it's certainly irritating, isn't it? We wear panties every day, so it's important to find models that are comfortable to wear throughout the day. Different occasions also require different types of panty styles. Whether you want a seamless panty that is invisible under tight clothing or panties with long legs to prevent thigh chafing, we have something for you.

Our panties are made from various materials to suit different preferences and needs. Perhaps you're someone who loves cotton panties, which are extra soft and gentle on the skin. Or maybe you would like to try our panties that are made from our unique cool sensation material, which cools the skin by 1-2 degrees and keeps the skin dry even during hot summer days?
No matter what type of panties you're looking for, we have the answer. Find your new favourite everyday panty at Miss Mary!