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Among our swimwear for women, you'll find bikinis, tankinis, and swimsuits in stylish patterns and colors. Support your curves with a bikini top with underwire and a high-waisted bikini bottom. With us, you'll find swimsuits and bikinis for large busts that keep everything in place, so you can relax and enjoy yourself on the beach. If you're looking for a bit more coverage, we have stylish tankinis that protect against the sun and can be conveniently matched with your favorite bikini bottom!

For many years, Miss Mary was purely a lingerie company, but for some years now, we've also offered swimwear. We have brought the expertise from our 60 years in the lingerie industry to the manufacturing of our swimwear, ensuring they uphold the same high quality and comfort found in our wider range.

Swimwear in a wide size ranges

Swimwear should feel comfortable and fit well, whether you're lying on the beach sunbathing or sliding down the waterslide with the kids. We've brought our expertise from 60 years in the lingerie industry to the production of our swimwear, ensuring they maintain the same high quality and comfort you can find in our other range. This has resulted in a carefully selected offering of swimwear in various sizes, to ensure everyone can find swimwear according to their preferences.

Patterned or Solid Color Women's Swimwear?
Whether you're looking for a solid color bikini or a patterned swimsuit, we have something for you. Patterned swimwear can provide an expressive and vibrant look to your beach or pool style. Patterns can range from bold and colorful to subtle and elegant, giving you the chance to find something that suits your personal style. Some patterns, like stripes or florals, can have a camouflaging effect and make it harder to discern any problem areas.

On the other hand, solid color swimwear is often timeless and can be a safe choice that never goes out of style. Solid color garments are easy to match with different accessories and can be used again and again without looking outdated. Solid color swimwear can help to highlight your silhouette and give an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Whether you prefer patterned or solid color swimwear, the most important thing is to choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Try different styles and patterns to see what suits you best and remember that the most important thing is to feel fantastic in your new swimwear.

Find the Right Swimwear for You

In addition to being able to filter by pattern and color, you can filter our selection of swimwear by padding, thus choosing between non-padded and padded models. Padded cups can, for example, offer extra support and shaping, which can be particularly beneficial for women with larger breasts or those who want a lifting effect. They can help to avoid transparency and provide a more covering look, which can be practical for those who prefer more modest swimwear. Padded cups can also help to shape the breasts and give a smoother and more uniform silhouette, which can be beneficial for a sleeker look.

Non-padded cups, on the other hand, provide a more natural silhouette and can be more comfortable for some individuals since they do not have extra padding that can feel heavy or restrictive. Non-padded cups are often cooler to wear since they do not have additional layers of material that can retain heat. Non-padded cups also offer more flexibility regarding shape and fit, as they mold to the body's natural contours.

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