5 movements that reveal if your bra fits well

24 Feb 2021 6:34 AM
Annica Svensson

Measuring tapes and sizing charts are all well and good, but there are much easier ways of seeing if your bra fits well. In just 30 seconds, and with 5 movements, you can find out if you need to change your bra size.

When you’re looking at how the cups fit, it’s good to keep in mind that breasts are rarely completely symetrical and often vary in size. It’s totally normal if one cup is too big or small, but if they both are, then it’s time to change size. You don’t need a measuring tape to see if you are wearing the wrong size. All you need is to do a few simple movements.

Method 1: Bend forwards

Stand on the floor and bend your upper body forwards so it makes a right angle (or near enough). Look down at your breasts. Is there a gap between the bra cup and breast; can you see into the cups? In that case the cups are too big. Keep the same band size but go down a cup size.

You should be able to bend forwards and move freely without there being a gap between the cups and breasts.

Method 2: Lie down on your back

If your bra has padded cups that keep their shape even when you’re not wearing it, you can try lying down on your back and pressing on the lower part of the cups. Is there empty space in both cups? Then the cups are too big and your breasts are moving in them.

Method 3: Run on the spot

Bend forwards so your body makes a right angle and move your arms and legs like you’re running, but stay in place. Move your arms forwards and back, up and down, as though you were running a marathon. Are your breasts falling out of the cups? That means the cups are too small. Keep the same band size but go up a cup size.

Your breasts should stay in the cups when you lift your arms and not slide down.

Method 4: Arms up and stretch

Stand on the floor, reach up with your arms and gently shake your body and bust. Does the breast tissue slide down below the cups and bra band? Then the bra is too big around your body. Solve this by going down a band size. Make sure if the cups themselves fit well, that you increase the cup size relative to the decrease in band size to keep the volume of the cups the same. For example, if your bra size was 100D, your new size would be 95E.

Method 5: Rolling your shoulders

Sit down and relax your body with your arms down by your sides. Lift your shoulders up towards your ears and then roll them forwards (or backwards) several times. Do the shoulder straps slide down? Try adjusting them slightly tighter. If they’re still sliding down, then they probably fit too far from your body and it is therefore not a suitable model for you. The shoulder straps don’t indicate that you’re wearing the wrong size bra, but it’s important they fit you well to provide the best possible comfort and support. They shouldn’t slide down during the day. If you can easily fit your fingertip between your shoulder and the strap then it’s the right tightness.

If the shoulder straps are too loose they will slide down.

Of course, there are more signs to look for to see how well your bra fits, but these are a good start. From here you can make subtle adjustments until your bra fits like a dream. To learn the other signs, read our previous article How to tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra size. And as always, our customer service team are more than happy to answer any questions you have and guide you through the jungle of fits and sizes until you’re completely satisfied.

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