When your bra fits one day - and the next day it won’t.

4 Oct 2019 6:35 am
Annica Svensson

It’s an issue millions of women are familiar with, but that not many talk about. Swelling breasts. Here’s what to look for in a bra when your breast size fluctuates.

Breasts are amazing, but they can also be confusing. A while ago a friend told me about a professional bra fitting, she had done. She happily went home with a bra that had a perfect fit for her. It differed two whole cup sizes from what she usually wore. She thought that her older bras had a great fit, but once she got home and tried them on again, she noticed that they were too small in the cup. Maybe she just hadn’t paid attention to it before? A week later she was going to wear her new bra and much to her surprise, the cups were too big! What on earth was going on?

It turns out she is one of many women whose breasts change size depending on what time it is in the month. It had never occurred to her to actually measure the difference while she had her period as opposed to when she had not. She had always thought her breasts were just extra sensitive during that time, which would explain why her bras felt uncomfortable.

“Fluctuating breasts are perfectly normal”

Queen non-wired bra offers excellent support. The elastic cup has size flexibility for fluctuating breasts.

Fluctuating breast size during the menstrual cycle is perfectly normal. It happens due to the two hormones estrogen and progesterone which are produced by the ovaries and they also cause fluctuations during pregnancy as well as menopause. There can also be other reasons, such as medication, that makes your body carry extra water. Weight gain or weight loss can also cause breasts to increase or decrease in size but usually that doesn’t happen very suddenly. Just as natural it is with fluctuating breasts, it’s equal normal with no changes. It differs between women.

Our most popular bra Lovely Lace has a soft stretch lace in the upper cup that allows custom fit.

For most women it’s enough to buy a bra with elastic cups as the stretchy material will adapt to the fluctuations. Padded cups offer no size flexibility if your breasts become bigger. An elastic cup solves this problem. The whole cup can be elastic or partially elastic, meaning that it has a firm under cup and an elastic upper cup.

“Too small cups can cause the underwire to pinch into the sensitive breast tissue”

Happy Hearts non-wired bra is a new style this autumn with elastic upper cups and firm under cups.

If you are one of those women who experience that your bra feels uncomfortable during certain days, it may be worth to measure your cup size and compare it to your normal measurement. If the difference is big, we recommend you to invest in another bra in a larger size. This is especially true if you prefer underwired bras. Having a wire pinch into your sensitive breast tissue can be the stuff of nightmares, even if it only happens a few days of the month. One time is one time too many. A bra should never be uncomfortable.