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At Miss Mary we have specialised in making lingerie for about 60 years.

Underwired bras

Non-wired bras

    Moulded & 
Non-wired bra
Smoothly is a versatile bra that fits many women and bodies. It’s non-wired but 
still provides good support for the bust, and the moulded cups give a discreet 
look even under tight clothing.
    The soft edit.
As a lingerie expert specializing in cotton bras, we admit we may be a little biased, but we just can’t get
enough of this classic material. It’s soft-to-the-touch, natural, breathable, and durable.
Simply perfect for underwear.
Cotton Now Minimizer
    Reduce the size, keep the shapes
Shape the bust and distribute it over a larger area with our cotton minimizer bra.

Check out our favorite bras this month.

Spacer bra
    What are the top 5 bras of Miss Mary’s experts? 
Finally, the top-5 list you've been waiting for.
Cool Sensation Collection
    A cooler feeling 
An entire collection built on our best-selling panty